Adam Maxwell

Head of Digital

Head of Digital

Adam has been involved in digital publishing for as long as he has had a computer which is longer than he usually cares to admit.  If his LinkedIn profile is to be believed then he has worked as a private detective, a web designer and an app developer though, when pressed, he often denies some or all of these allegations.

Throughout his career he has been at the forefront of digital trends first working for other companies before starting his own digital agency in 2008.

Since then he has balanced digital development with creativity and is a successful author in his own right, having written short stories (published widely from anthologies to McSweeney’s), novels for children and crime novels for adults.

A graduate of Northumbria University’s Creative Writing Masters Degree, Adam is addicted to plundering the word mines for all they are worth.

He is married, has one child and lives by the sea in the wilds of Northumberland where he continues to cultivate his misanthropy in spite of what, on the surface, appears to be a cheerful and welcoming disposition.