Welcome to Cheshire Cat Books a new digital publishing house with its roots in the North of England but with no boundaries to its hopes.

We have set up the company with the aim of finding writers who want to be read and perhaps have struggled, so far, to break through or who are unsure of what to do to get published.

Fiction is what we are looking for but we are open-minded about what types of fiction.

If we think a book has a chance of finding an audience we will be interested.

We will be regularly keeping our followers up to date with everything we have been doing and most recently we were at the amazing Newcastle Noir.

This brilliant event centred on the wonderful Lit & Phil building in Newcastle, showcased a fantastic array of talented writers.

Big names like Mari Hannah, Stuart MacBride, LJ Ross and Ann Cleeves appearing alongside new names from all over the world.

The audience was enthusiastic and obviously knowledgeable about the genre.

There were lots of questions for the crime writing panels who were expertly chaired by among others the indefatigable Programme Director, Dr Jacky Collins.

One message that emerged repeatedly especially from the ‘New Bloods’, was that getting published was tough but with persistence it could be achieved.

Again and again new authors said:”Not so long ago I was sitting in this same audience listening to published writers now I am on the other side of the desk. It can happen.”

We will be bringing more from the Noir in future posts.