We are passionate believers in the power of words and committed to giving talented new writers the platform they deserve. We are not vanity publishers.  We will only take on those writers whose work has convinced us they have a readership waiting for them. If you are one of those voices that deserve to be heard, Cheshire Cat will listen.

What we won’t do is ask you for money. Every service and support we provide will be at no cost to our writers.

What we will do is give your work every chance to succeed and only then, take an agreed share of royalties.


Professional proof reading and editing

We have a team of highly experienced, media trained copy editors who will make sure your work is print ready.


We will provide professionally-produced front covers to the highest standard to make sure every Cheshire Cat title stands out.

Publicity and Marketing

We will work tirelessly to throw a spotlight on all of our writers and their work, drawing up digital marketing campaigns to best promote your talent.


Every Cheshire Cat author will be provided with their own bespoke website, an online stage for them to speak to their growing audience.

Author Support

We know writing is a lonely business but you can be sure Cheshire Cat will be on hand to guide, encourage, and offer expert advice whenever needed.

What do you need to do?

We can only accept electronic submissions so…


Provide us with a brief synopsis of  your work, no more than 300 words.

Your Work

Supply us with the first three chapters

All About You

Send us a brief  biography about yourself and what inspired you to begin writing.


Unfortunately we cannot consider poetry or works dealing with matters spiritual, self help or books that have been previously published elsewhere (including self-published).


Once we receive your submission, you can be sure of a speedy response.

If we think Cheshire Cat is right for you and your work is right for us, the next stage will be discussing the steps that lead to publication.  That, of course, will include a contract, the editorial and production process, and gathering additional biography material to prepare for your book launch.

So what are you waiting for?

Unfortunately we are currently closed to submissions. Sorry about that. We'll be opening our doors once more in the New Year. If you'd like us to let you know when, just pop your details in here and as a special treat we'll let anyone who signs up submit a fortnight before we open up to the public!
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